Works Offline

You can use vContact application without internet after successful registration

Caller Id

Popup window is displayed for incoming and outgoing calls using user information

Multiple Groups

You can easily manage contacts together by grouping them in one or multiple groups


Add notes or remarks like call, message etc. against each contact to maintain history

Call Logs

You can easily access recent calls history from vContact application

Manage Contacts

You can use easily copy or move contacts from address book to vContact app or vice versa

SMS Integration

You can view and send sms using default service provider from this application

Messenger Integration

You can send message to Whatsapp contact using this application

Block Contacts

We make it very simple to block unwanted callers and add them to blacklist


Backup all contacts to internal memory or directly send it over email


Protect your deleted contacts by restoring contacts from existing backup file

All in one app

Access contact, messages, dialer, call logs from one application


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